Xi'an Manareco New Materials Co., Ltd.


Quality Management


Xi’an Manareco New Materials Co. Ltd is committed to R&D, production and sale of liquid crystal materials, OLED materials, pharmaceutical intermediates, and electronic chemicals. As one of the earliest hi-tech companies engaged in research, development and production of display materials in China, Xi’an Manareco New Materials Co. Ltd boasts advanced quality management system and ideology, masters many unique impurity separation technologies, and establishes a quality control system in manufacturing process. By virtue of continuous process optimization and mature production technology, the company has received unanimous recognition from customers home and abroad. In 2004, the company obtained the ISO 9001 quality management system certification, and in recent years, it has been certified by NQA and obtained ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 9001:2015 quality management system certification.

The experience of cooperation with well-known international companies has also promoted the establishment of fine chemicals production management process, quality control system and supplier evaluation-control system. They have realized 100% inspection of each batch of products from raw materials procurement to intermediates and final products, meeting various requirements of domestic and foreign customers.


The company has 100 sets of GC, 60 sets of HPLC, 7 sets of GC-MS, 2 sets of LC-MS, 1 set of IR, 1 set of HSM, 2 sets of TGA, 1 set of ICP-MS, and 1 set of AAS. They can detect purity, moisture, volatile components, element analysis, chromaticity, chromatic aberration, speed, optical rotation, transmittance and other items. For trace impurity detection, our technique can accurate to the level of ppm.